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Fitness on KCLR Breakfast (Thursday, 11 February 2021)

Ger O'Toole joins John Walsh every second Thursday after 9am to talk fitness

Finding time for exercise can be an issue (and often a worthy excuse!) for us all.

But, you don’t have to spend hours at a gym to get the results you’re looking for and, in fact, you could find benefits to the occasional few minutes here and there while you’re pottering about at home.

Ger O’Toole is a fitness instructor at the Ormonde Leisure Club in Kilkenny and every second Thursday he chats with our John Walsh on KCLR Breakfast, offering advice and answering listener queries.

This week he had a solid answer for one person who said they only have about twenty minutes a day to exercise. Others were keen to learn how to tone up after losing weight while one woman, who’d lost a staggering 5stone 4lbs, simply wanted to know how to shift the final few pounds to get to her goal.

There was a query too from a man looking for some suggestions to help him to get fit after his knee replacement. And, what’s better for fat loss, walking or running?

First thought the usual soccer banter between our Leeds-lovin’ presenter and his guest.

Listen back here:

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