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Former Bank of Ireland building in Callan, Kilkenny goes sale agreed with hopes its next chapter will see it put to use for the community

The 414 square meter plot was put on the market with an asking price of €375,000

A landmark building in Callan has gone sale agreed.

Originally home to the local Bank of Ireland branch, it closed its doors last October with five others across Carlow and Kilkenny. (More on that here).

The 414 square meter plot was put on the market with Sherry Fitzgerald tagging it with an asking price of €375,000.

Cllr Matt Doran says the hopes are it’ll be put to good use for the community; “I’m aware of talks going on with some locals for them to try and ensure that we hold onto it and that the property will become a great addition to what we have already in Callan and I suppose I’m hoping that the Bank of Ireland will have seriously considered and weighed the offers and try and ensure that those who we need to purchase have been successful in doing so and I’m pretty hopeful that we have”.

He adds “We were all really disappointed to see the bank closing and unfortunately it’s happening right throughout every town in Ireland and unfortunately Callan was one of three or four in the county so look we deserve a little bit of luck on this one and that’s why I’m saying I’m hopeful that the Bank of Ireland really seriously consider the potential of persons that are chasing this and that they be loyal to our town and make sure that it stays within the town and be used as I said, I’m really confident we’ll see a big addition to the town here and a service that can help us all”.

Listed on Sherry Fitzgerald (see here).

Image: Sherry Fitzgerald