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Former Braun site in Carlow NOT yet sold but may be in the coming days

It comes with a price tag of over €6million

A local auctioneer’s quashed rumours that the Braun site’s been sold.

It’d been claimed that the large scale industrial, manufacturing 29 acres on the O’Brien Road had been bought.

But a spokesperson for REA Sothern in Carlow has confirmed to KCLR News that it’s still on the market.

It’s listed with a price tag of over €6million. (If you have that to spare click here for more.)

Harry Sothern says “The rumours, I’m afraid, I’m going to have to quash them now because it isn’t sale agreed or sold and the gentleman I’m meeting this morning about it would be rather disappointed if that were the case so what I can say is there’s quite a bit of interest in it, we’ve been very pleasantly surprised with the level of enquiry and so we’re hopeful that possibly by the end of next week”.

Meanwhile, the site hosts the Carlow end of festivities as part of the Brightening Air programme in June – details on that here.