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Gardaí increase checkpoints across Carlow and Kilkenny for bank holiday weekend

You're reminded to never, ever drink and drive

Gardaí will be out in force across the Bank Holiday weekend with a big focus on keeping people safe.

A full operation has been mounted with increased checkpoints and personnel deployed right across the two counties for the next few days.

Carlow Kilkenny Divisional Roads Policing Inspector Paul Donohoe says with more traffic on the roads extra care will be needed “We will be out in force all weekend and we’re just asking people to slow down on the roads and respect the roads with the increased volumes on the road and I suppose the biggest message for this bank holiday is to never, ever drink and drive or take drugs and drive and we will have checkpoints on all weekend right through the whole bank holiday weekend so just that people are aware and asking people to be responsible really”.

He outlines what the focus will be on, saying “Talking on mobile phones and texting on mobile phones is absolutely a no so we will be enforcing that strongly throughout the weekend and people wearing their seatbelts and speed, especially on our motorways and then we’ve a really big increase now in the country with testing checkpoints over the weekend so across the two counties you’ll see a large increase in checkpoints throughout the counties that’s for detections of drink-driving and drug-driving”.