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Goresbridge community “up in arms” says one Kilkenny Councillor over animal cruelty

GardaĆ­ want to hear from anybody with information

If you witness somebody being cruel to an animal, contact gardaĆ­.

That’s the plea going out locally after recent incidents in Goresbridge, including last night.

Residents there say they saw horses in the River Barrow being whipped while dogs too were reportedly thrown into the water with ropes around their necks and a swan was terrorised.

Cllr Denis Hynes on KCLR Live earlier said people in the area are not happy, noting “The community’s up in arms, we have a good community down here, they have the place looking absolutely wonderful and these are people that would call to the village, they’re not regulars, but we have to make sure we put a stop to it and again I would encourage anyone who sees this type of behaviour, who sees this happen, to make immediate contact with the gardai who are extremely helpful and cooperative or contact myself, and take the registration numbers”.

A senior garda spokesperson’s told KCLR News that they too would encourage anybody with information, in particular footage, to contact them.

They’re looking into the potential of having CCTV operating in the area as a deterrent to such activity but this could take some time to bring about.

And they also say members there have issued a number of fixed charge notices to people visiting the area who were in breach of Covid regulations.