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Goresbridge residents without water, again

It's the third day running that water isn't

Parts of Goresbridge are without water this morning, again.

It’s after an outage initially affected 40 premises on Sunday spilled into Monday taking longer than anticipated to be fixed.

Most of the 600 residents affected had supply back by 4pm yesterday afternoon, with others seeing a return last night.

However as people wake up they’re noting it’s gone again in pockets.

Cllr Denis Hynes has been onto Irish Water and says while it’s great to hear they’re working on the issue, those impacted just want it sorted telling KCLR News “It’s frustrating that it has to go into what is the third day, to put it mildly it’s very annoying that it has to go on so long, you know, kids trying to get ready for school, people trying to get ready for work, people who are living in the home who are trying to prepare meals and do everything else so it is very annoying”

He adds “I can assure that I have been onto the council, I have been onto Irish Water and they are on the way out to try and fix it today and hopefully will see this sorted once and for all.”