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KCLR LIVE: “It’s a slap in the face, it’s an insult” – Mother and baby home survivors react to €800m redress scheme

This morning on KCLR Live we are hearing reactions to the €800m government redress scheme for mother and baby home survivors

TD Kathleen Funchion expresses her disappointment at the redress scheme for failing to include people who spent fewer than three months in mother and baby homes and for those that were boarded out.

Maggie Corbett, Mother and Baby Home Survivor says the redress scheme isn’t enough after “the years of torture we went through”. We hear Maggie’s moving account of the 12 months she spent in Bessborough Mother and Baby Home and her 43-year search for her daughter.

Caller Helen opens up for the first time about her experience in Bessborough describing the redress scheme as “another belt in the mouth” for survivors.

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