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Kilkenny City hotelier says many hotels might be reluctant to sign up to be a mandatory quarantine location

It's s three more countries have been added to the quarantine list

People arriving from the US, Canada and France will now have to stay in a quarantine hotel for 12 nights.

They’re among 16 countries that were added to the list this morning.

However people who are fully vaccinated could soon be exempt under measures being considered by government.

It comes as the booking system for hotel quarantine remains suspended due to a lack of available beds while the Government says they want to have over thirteen hundred rooms available by Monday week.

A local hotelier has been telling KCLR’s Sue Nunn on The Way It Is that many hotels might be reluctant to sign up to be one of the government’s mandatory quarantine locations.

Manager of the Ormonde Hotel in Kilkenny Colin Ahern says most hotels still have some business for regulars who’re on essential business so it’s not a simple decision.

Listen back to the conversation here: