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Kilkenny City residents query why they’ve had no official notification about upcoming 22 hour water outage

It will affect the Freshford Road area on Saturday, 28th November

Some Kilkenny city residents say they weren’t notified about works that will leave them with no running water for almost an entire day.

KCLR News announced earlier this week that the supply to Talbotsinch on the Freshford Road will be lost for up to 22 hours on Saturday, 28th November. (Read about that here).

Anne Ryan lives in the area and she has fears about how her elderly neighbours will be affected by the disruption.

She’s calling on Irish Water to reach out to these people and let them know what’s happening, saying “I got nothing through the door and I’m sure a lot of other people are the same, we didn’t get any word on this apart from local radio”.

She adds “There should have been more that they should have contacted, individuals, I mean there’s a lot of elderly people living on the Freshford Road, Greenfields, in this area, I can’t understand why personally we didn’t get notification”.

However Irish Water says that anybody who has registered with them as a vulnerable customer will receive a text message when an outage is due to affect them. (You can do that here)

The utility spokesperson adds that in relation to the works due to take place on November 28th it’s important to note that there might not be outages or low pressures in all areas, but two week notice has been given via media and social media platforms to allow people time to prepare.