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Kilkenny County Council homeless policy is under review

Kilkenny County Council is reviewing it’s homeless policy.

Director of Services with Mary Mulholland told the Housing Strategic Policy Committee this morning that the numbers presenting to the local authority as homeless are rising.

There were 37 presentations in June compared to between 15-20 in previous months.

She said a policy review is timely now as the local authority has moved a long way from the approach of providing emergency beds in hotels as the solution to homeless presentations.

Ms Mulholland says the emphasis now is on preventing homelessness and a comprehensive policy is needed to safeguard users, the services and the local authority.

It was proposed that members would approach the officials in the council with any questions on the new policy document that was circulated and return in September to approve the new policy with any amendments required.

It will then go before the County Council members for approval before being adopted.