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Kilkenny County Council meeting adjourned due to councillor’s family bereavement

A minute's silence was observed for Mary P. Fitzgerald this afternoon in the Watergate Theatre

Today’s meeting of Kilkenny County Council was adjourned due to the family bereavement of a prominent council member.

Councillor David Fitzgerald’s mother Mary, a member of the Crotty family, passed away at her home yesterday.

A minute’s silence was observed for her this afternoon in the Watergate Theatre, where councillors had gathered for the monthly plenary meeting.

John Coonan, the Mayor of Kilkenny Municipal District, says Mary P. Fitzgerald made a huge contribution to the county over her lifetime;

“I’d like to offer my sincere condolences to David and his family on the death of Mary, his mother. A well known family in Kilkenny city, she was a sister actually of Kieran Crotty who I worked with in Kilkenny Corporation many moons ago. Indeed her Dad as well was a TD, as was Kieran her brother as well. So they have a long history- a long, very influential and positive history in local and national politics. They’ve made a huge contribution, and so has David as well.”

The local authority will reconvene on Wednesday, when they’ll begin tackling their huge budget deficit caused by the coronavirus crisis.

“We’ll recommence business on Wednesday, but in the meantime our prayers and sympathies are with David and his family” Mayor Coonan concluded.