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Kilkenny’s making more of a move into emission-free postal deliveries

An Post staff who use a bike to deliver are being equipped with the latest electric vans & trikes

Kilkenny’s one of the leading areas to benefit from An Post’s move to deal with the huge growth in online shopping and protect the planet.

Staff who previously used a bike on their delivery routes across the country are being equipped with the latest electric vans and trikes, better suited to carrying ever-increasing volumes of parcels and packages. While the postal agency’s also phasing out its diesel vans.

Deliveries in Kilkenny as well as Cork, Galway, Waterford and Limerick are moving to emission-free deliveries by the end of this year, as will numerous larger towns and suburbs nationwide.

There are currently 19 of the new electric fleet in service in Kilkenny and another 15 are on the way, mainly replacing diesel vans.

Deliveries in Dublin city centre are already fully emission-free, carried out by staff using zero emission electric vehicles.