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Lack of accommodation in Carlow sees some students sleeping on couches, in their cars or facing long commutes

It's claimed the situation's having an impact on the mental health of some

Lack of accommodation in Carlow is having a significant impact on the mental health of students.

That’s according to the Student Union President at SETU Carlow.

Speaking on KCLR, Mark Dunne said “We’ve having students come to us through he welfare officer and it’s just dire people are sleeping on couches, they’re even going to sleep in their cars, commuting long distances to college which is taking a significant toll on their mental health which we’re finding as well”.

He’s warning those set to attend classes locally next year to not leave it too late to arrange accommodation, saying “Every year it gets less and less because landlords either sell up or they just kinda have enough of it so I’m expecting next year to be possibly quite dire so the advice that we’re giving to students is if you’re looking for accommodation for next year in Carlow start looking for it now rather than in August because you won’t get anything if you look in late summer”.