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Mairead McGuinness, who replaces Kilkenny’s Phil Hogan in Europe, will face MEP questions today

They'll be quizzing her on her suitability to become EU Commissioner for Financial Servicees

Mairead McGuinness will face MEP questions today over her suitability to become EU Commissioner for Financial Services.

She was nominated by the Irish Government last month following the resignation of Kilkenny man Phil Hogan.

The Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in the EU will have three hours to ask questions.

Journalist Kevin Purcell is based in Brussels and covers European affairs & he explains what will happen “There she will be grilled for three hours, it starts with a short statement from Mairead McGuinness then 25 questions, a minute per question, a minute per answer, with room for follow-ups and ends with five minute statement, you mentioned the job is Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and the Capital Markets so there’s quite a lot in it”.

Ireland South MEP Sean Kelly doesn’t believe Mairead McGuinness will encounter any difficulties at today’s hearing. He’s been telling KCLR she’s well up to the job noting “She’s well respected, she’s a lot of experience, I mean she’s in Parliament now 16 years and while the portfolio is new for her, financial services, it’s a big portfolio, but I’m quite sure that before Ursula von der Leyen gave it to her she had a good chat with Mairead & she’s quite confident that she’ll be well able for it, which she is, Mairead is very dedicated, she works hard, she works with the head down and she’s not afraid and I think that’ll come across so I’d be surprised if she doesn’t get through”.