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Mixed results for Carlow and Kilkenny county councils according to the National Oversight and Audit Commission

Their annual report is out

Carlow and Kilkenny county councils delivered mixed results in a range of areas across 2019.

That’s according to the annual report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission.

It uses 39 indicators across eleven areas to measure local authority performance with the data submitted by the local authorities and other State and regulatory bodies.

Key findings locally include that Carlow has a higher housing loan collection rate than commercial rate collection at 95% and 86% respectively while in Kilkenny the level of commercial rate collection was 94% and 90% for housing loans.

Kilkenny County Council owned 2388 social houses by the end of the year, with 1.51% vacant – in Carlow it’s higher with 3.5% vacancy among its 1,797 homes.

The report also shows that a third of Carlow’s council area is unpolluted, in Kilkenny it’s a quarter.

While attendance at a fire scene is similar in each county – the response time in Kilkenny within 20 minutes is 58% and 59 in Carlow, with 34% under ten minutes across that county while in Kilkenny it’s 31%.

For the full report click here