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Natural Health Store on KCLR Breakfast (Tuesday, 23rd February 2021)

Clair Whitty joins our John Walsh on occasional Tuesdays after 9am to talk natural health

There’s a lot of things you can do naturally to enhance your body, physically and mentally.

Diet, stress management techniques and other aspects of your life should always be taken into consideration when taking the alternative health route and, of course, the advice is always to check with your GP if you suspect a medical condition.

Clair Whitty from the Natural Health Store at the Market Cross Shopping Centre in Kilkenny was joined by Nutritional Therapist Laura Downes to talk Terranova and more with our John Walsh on KCLR Breakfast.

As always listeners were quick to contact the show with issues including long term low-grade sinus infection to having a child with hay fever while help’s needed for a teenage eczema sufferer.

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