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Premium petrol reaches €2 landmark price

Chief Executive of Fuels for Ireland says tax accounts for over half the price

€2 for a litre of petrol is the landmark price reached for the first time at an Irish service station. 

Maxol’s M3 outlet in Mulhuddart in Dublin was charging that amount for premium petrol yesterday.

Experts were predicting the barrier would be broken due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Kevin McPartland, the chief executive of Fuels for Ireland, says tax accounts for over half the price; “It’s likely that the current high prices are going to be maintained for at least the immediate future and we have to recognise that more than a euro is going straight to the Government in forms of various different taxes, levies, excise duty and Government now really needs to be looking at how oil is taxed so the consumer isn’t being faced with an unbearable burden”.

AA Roadwatch Ireland has been keeping track of prices – see here

Image: Flynns Tullow Facebook

A KCLR Live listener has sent us this shot from Maxol on the O’Brien Road in Carlow: