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Results of survey on patient experiences at St Luke’s Hospital are revealed

64% of patients waited more than the six hour target to be admitted to St Luke’s Hospital this year.

A new survey by the HSE has also revealed that 79% said the care they received at the local hospital was good or very good.

St Luke’s was among 40 hospitals selected for the National Patient Experience Survey carried out in May of this year.

It asked patients being discharged from hospital to describe their experiences.

678 patients discharged from St Luke’s throughout the month of May were eligible to take part and 47 percent of them did.

Of the respondents the male female split was 50-50.

The average age of those that took part was 63, and 90% of the patients surveyed said they entered the hospital on an emergency basis.

87% said they were treated with respect and dignity in the emergency department but 37% said they were not always given enough privacy on the ward.

A third rated the food in the local hospital as poor or fair.