Tributes to former County Carlow President who passed away yesterday

Colette Morrissey was the first women to be President of County Carlow Chamber.

Tributes are being paid to Colette Morrissey who passed away yesterday morning

Colette was the first women to be President of the County Carlow Chamber.

She made history when she took office in 2002.

She is survived by her husband Michael, daughter Mia and wider family.

Colin Duggan is the current president of County Carlow Chamber. He’s says they were shocked to her of her passing yesterday:

Our thoughts are with her family Michael, Mia and her brother Tom Byrne.

Collete was out 27th President and she was with us in 2002 and 2003. She part of a fantastic group of people that actually tried to keep Braun open.

In her years with the Chamber, it was exciting times in Carlow, it was really busy at the time and she was part of a chamber that was growing at the time.

She was our first female president and she inspired other people to join the chamber. I can remember Yvonne Jones started soon after and she speaked fondly of Colette and how Colette inspired her to join the Chamber.

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