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“Working smoke alarms save lives” say Carlow Fire & Rescue Service

About 40 people are killed by fires in Ireland annually

Having a working smoke alarm is one of the best ways to protect yourself & your family.

That’s the main message as Fire Safety Week continues.

About 40 people are killed by fires in Ireland every year.

Darren Buchanan from Carlow Fire Service says the the most important thing is your smoke alarm “This week is Fire Safety Week and the main message we want to get out this week is that working smoke alarms save lives and that means that if you have a fire detection alarm system in your house that you actually test it to make sure it is working & that it will wake you, if you have a fire in your house potentially if the smoke’s there, your sense of smell isn’t going to work when you’re sleeping & you may not be able to wake up”.

He adds that we also need to be careful with other appliances & their accessories noting “If you have a certain make of phone you should have the same charger as well, that you’re not buying a different charger for that phone because potentially there’s issues there whenever it is charging and it can overheat and cause a fire so you shouldn’t leave anything charging overnight unattended and that’d be the same for your laptop, obviously there’s a lot more electrical items in houses now than going back we’ll say ten, fifteen, twenty years ago so that’s what’s probably driving an increase of the devices as well”.

Carlow rugby star Sean O’Brien was on hand to help launch the week with Carlow County Fire & Rescue.

All images with thanks to Carlow County Fire & Rescue.


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