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Covid-19 latest: 503 new cases confirmed

Nearly a thousand Covid-19 tests carried out at local centres since 'walk-ins' allowed

There have been 503 new cases of Covid-19.

No information on Covid-related deaths is available, due to the effects of the cyber-attack on computer systems and no local county figures are being released either.

But nearly a thousand Covid-19 tests have been carried out at the local testing centres since they went no-appointment last Friday.

The HSE is reminding locals that you can now walk-up to get a test without an appointment or symptoms.

533 tests have been carried out in St. Dymphna’s Hospital, Carlow between Friday lunchtime and 1 o’clock on Wednesday.

425 locals have been tested at the Hebron Industrial Estate, in Kilkenny.

101 patients are in hospital with the virus, with 38 in intensive care.

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