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94 candidates seeking your vote in upcoming local elections Carlow and Kilkenny

20 of the 94 candidates seeking your vote in the upcoming elections are Independents.

All of the main political parties are represented in Carlow & Kilkenny.

57 people have declared that they will seek your vote on the 23rd of May at polling stations in Kilkenny while 37 candidates are looking to be elected in Carlow.

Fianna Fail leads the way in Kilkenny with 17 candidates seeking election across 4 electoral areas followed closely by Fine Gael with 16 while there is 11 Independents.

In Carlow Fine Gael and Independents have the most with 9 each. Fianna Fail has 7 in Carlow while Labour has 6 candidates each in Carlow and Kilkenny.

Sinn Fein has 4 in Kilkenny and 3 in Carlow. The Anti Austerity Alliance has 2 in Carlow and 1 in Kilkenny.

Theres 2 Greens in Kilkenny but none in Carlow and Direct Democracy Ireland has just 1 candidate running in Carlow.

There’s 24 seats on the new municipal authority in Kilkenny up for grabs – thats 6 seats in each of the 4 areas.

Theres 18 seats in Carlow – 10 in Carlow-Tullow area and 8 in Muinebheag-South Carlow.