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A new Victim and Community Engagement Office opens at Kilkenny Garda Station this week

Existing services are being revamped and expanded

Kilkenny and Carlow GardaĆ­ say they hope the opening of a new unit this week will improve how they interact with victims of crime.

There’s been a Victim Service Office in Kilkenny Garda station since 2015 but these services are now being revamped and expanded.

The new office will be situated on the ground floor of the Garda Station in the city, with its own dedicated phone-line and reception area to make victims comfortable.

A clinic-style service will now be held there once a month where personnel from the different Garda units- including drugs, and crime prevention – will be available to talk with people.

People will also be able to find out more about the courts service.

GardaĆ­ are hoping that this will help improve their relationships with victims, as well as local communities, making it easier then to identify any areas locally that need to be focused on, or how their policing can be tailored to suit particular areas.

The new office will be officially opened tomorrow morning by Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes and retired district court Judge Gillian Hussey.