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Action needed against ‘aggressive begging’ in Carlow Town according to councillor Fintan Phelan

He's called for more garda patrols

A local councillor’s calling for action to be taken against “aggressive begging” in Carlow Town centre.

Fintan Phelan raised the concern at yesterday’s meeting of the county’s Joint Policing Committee, saying many had contacted him about the issue.

He’s called for increased garda patrols within popular areas, such as the fountain at Potato Market, to tackle the behaviour.

The Fianna Fáil representative said many of the beggars in Carlow are genuine, but he’s seen some of them take things too far with a number of elderly people being “intimidated” by some who turn aggressive.

He added that it’s especially important to make public spaces in Carlow town safer, as many are getting outdoors during this lockdown.