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Be patient on the roads is the call from local road safety officers as students continue the return to schools in Carlow and Kilkenny

Traffic's expected to become heavier on all routes in the coming days

You’re being asked to be patient on the roads today as schools return after the summer holidays.

Many students across Carlow and Kilkenny are heading back this morning with more due in the coming days so heavier traffic’s expected on all routes.

Road Safety Officer in Carlow, John McDarby says traffic wardens are back out and will do their best to keep traffic flowing; “All the time they’re weighing up the need to help the students cross with the need to keep the traffic moving and they’re trying to find the right gap and they select it and they put out their sign and request people to stop and, you know, in almost 100% of the cases people do and really the only time they don’t is if they’re too close and they can’t stop safely”.

He adds that the schools and wardens have a great relationship and patience is the key to it all, saying “And the word really about what we’re doing is we’re sharing; we’re sharing a limited road space and a limited time and whether we’re going to walk or cycle or whether we’re going to scoot or whether we’re going to travel as a passenger in cars we just need to share with all the other people and to be aware who else is around us and to share that space as kindly and as courteously as we can”.

Meanwhile, see what some bus users are facing this week.

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