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Carlow councillors call on local authority to advertise polling cards details

Not everyone eligible to vote will receive polling cards.

Carlow councillors running in the upcoming local elections want the local authority to advertise how some people may not receive their polling card but they can still go to the polling station.

The issue arose at the Council’s monthly meeting.

Carlow County Council’s Eamon Brophy who will be returning officer has this advice “Any person who doesn’t receive a polling card or who receives a polling card & mislays it should go to wherever they voted in the previous, probably the presidential election is the most recent, and they should bring identification, a passport of a driving licence, and then the presiding officer will tell them if they’re registered & where they’re registered to vote”.

He adds “Everybody who’s entitled to vote will either have received a polling card by now, for anybody who’s on the register of electors proper & anybody who’s on the supplementary register of electors, people who would have registered recently, they will receive a polling card which will be sent out in the post commencing this Thursday so everyone will receive the card before the election”.