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Ceol Anocht: Interview : Canice Kenealy of Engine Alley – 10/9/2018

It’s always a pleasure to see a local band make good and none made more of a splash in a grey Irish music scene than Engine Alley back in the day. After two fine albums they called it a day in 1996 but have remained active, appearing live on a number of memorable occasions in recent years.

Fans have always wondered if there was more recorded material in the vaults and so it was an extra special pleasure to hear recently that they had revisited some of the archives and found material recorded in 1992 and 1996. The resulting album is called “Showroom” and it’s being released on the Rollercoaster Record label on September 28th.

I caught up with Canice recently to chat about this trip back to the sessions and the current tour which includes a visit to Cleere’s in Kilkenny and another Trip To Tipp.

We sat down, played the tunes and left the recorder running…

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