Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Interview – Paul Quin – 1/6/2022

Like many musicians, I’ve been in contact virtually with Paul Quin in the past while and enjoyed each release which has culminated in his latest album release “Life On Earth”.

We finally caught up in real life recently at the Clarence Hotel, my first ‘live’ chat in a while. A lovely first foray return to face to face interviews!

“Life On Earth” is a thoughtful collection of songs, great production value and represents fearless storytelling and deeply personal lyrics.

Paul is launching the album on June 11th at the Pepper Canister Church and it promises to a complete celebration of his music. Guests on the night will include Keeley, Flo McSweeney and the night will begin with Frozen Stares.

Tickets are selling fast, but try here