Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht: Show #285 – 17/9/2020

From The Music Room

Big Man FYNCH Ft. Local Boy
No Jericho Mary Coughlan
Stop The Lights Gemma Dunleavy
Truth Or Dare Bronagh Gallagher
Jesus Christ & The Holy Ghost (Not Taken In Vain) The Southern Fold
Brutal Lottery Wyvern Lingo
Holy Grail Denise Chaila
Safe And Sound Mary Coughlan
Devices nicha
Murmuration (Cliché Song #1) Eileen Gogan & The Instructions
Yes Music Does Have The Right To Children Eileen Gogan
Out Of Harms Way Arrivalists
I Can’t See You, Where Did You Go Mark Waldron-Hyden
Remote Working Hubs Kilkenny City & County