Ceol Anocht

Ceol Anocht – Studio 2 Sessions – Ali Comerford (12/11/2022)

I’ve been a fan of Ali’s music for some time, so was delighted to find out that she had bot a new single and an EP planned and, better again, that she was gigging in Kilkenny.

“Cool Girl” has many of the reasons I like Ali’s music: it’s well written, has her signature intimate vocal, tasteful musical accompaniment and a great production to add that little bit ‘extra’. It’s a taster of more to come. Ali’s been working locally in Crossroads Studio on more music , producing with Shane Tobler and Sean Montgomery Dietz, as we get a sneak listen to two possible songs, which she played in Studio 2.

There are still come tickets for her upcoming Kilkenny gig

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