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Childcare workers in Carlow and Kilkenny want your support today

UPDATE See pics of some local supporters below.

Value Early Years – that’s the call today from the Together For Early Years Alliance.

Childcare professionals and their supporters are calling on people to use that hashtag online when sharing comments or photos in which they’re invited to wear red or dress up as superheroes.

File photo 2020 protest


It’s the second anniversary of their national day of protest which saw 30,000 educators, parents and families descend on Dublin streets to petition the government to invest in the sector.

File photo 2020 protest


Mick Kenny is with the Association of Childcare Professionals and works in the North Kilkenny area.

He’s been telling KCLR news they’d love everybody to get involved across the day:

“It’s important for parents to have a voice as well in this cos we’ve a long way to go to get a sector that is affordable for parents but also one that is going to retain valuable skilled early years educators”


Local supporters: