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‘Close before you doze’ is the advice from Carlow County Fire Services

It's a simple measure that can have a big impact

Close Before You Doze – that’s the advice from Carlow County Fire Services.

They’re highlighting the importance of closing doors throughout your home before you go to sleep and say the benefits were clearly highlighted at a recent house fire in the area. (As shown in pics below).

Image: Carlow County Fire & Rescue Services

Acting fire chief Liam Carroll says it’s a simple measure that can have big impact telling KCLR News “We always harp on about having smoke alarms in the house, it’s very important, but also a very effective tool to stop fire spreading or smoke spreading within your house at nighttime is to close your doors throughout your home when you go to bed at night”

He adds “It’s just a simple thing to go around, last thing at night, have a little routine, as we’re getting into winter months put up your spark guard, ensure everything is turned off in the kitchen and close the doors, in particular to those rooms where there is potential for fire to break out”.