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Co Kilkenny councillor Mary Hilda Cavanagh calls for more lighting for Johnstown

An assessment's already taken place

A request to extend public lighting in Johnstown is to be examined by the council.

Councillor Mary Hilda Cavanagh brought a motion before a meeting of the Castlecomer Municipal District asking that the measure be taken in the interest of safety for all road users.

She was told it will be looked at as part of the retrofitting programme being undertaken by the local authority.

Cllr Cavanagh says it’s important the work is started now so that it’s done for next winter, telling KCLR News “The evenings are getting longer now so it kinda seems a bit crazy to be looking for it at this stage of the year but rather than looking for it last October but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to bring up lighting in recent times, I’ve been campaigning for extra lighting on all of those roads over many years”.

She’s pleased there’s a commitment to improving the situation; “I was looking for extra lighting for Johnstown on all the approach roads and I was looking for more lighting down from the church towards the square and I got a very positive response, I asked for a complete assessment of the lighting situation as it exists now but the engineer told me that the assessment has been made and there will be more lighting within the town”.

And Cllr Cavanagh adds “You’re not going to get everything you want on day one, you just have to keep campaigning and keep asking for an extension of lighting”