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Construction of Greenway through South Kilkenny set to resume

Covid restrictions had brought the project to a halt

Work’s to restart next week on the South East Greenway which incorporates the Kilkenny Greenway.

Many people had been querying when progress could be made on the track.

With the easing of restrictions beginning yesterday, hopes were high that it would signal a return to work on providing the area’s newest outdoor amenity.

It seems that’s the case, with movement due from Monday.

Cllr Fidelis Doherty told KCLR News “Works will be advanced at this stage the clearing of the line and the sleepers has happened and it’s quite a rough, kindof, construction site really as it is so the foundation works will start for the construction of the greenway, you know all the roadworks and groundworks that are involved in drainage issues and the last of the survey works to do with people that adjoin the line along the way, what accommodation works they need, at least now there’s some bit of advance and good news”.

A completion date has not yet been confirmed. Spring 2023 has been mooted but it may still be finished before then.