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Defibrillator out of action after apparent act of vandalism in Carlow

A defibrillator in Carlow is now out of action because of an apparent act of vandalism.

On Thursday morning, staff at New Oak Community Centre went to check on the machine after the low temperatures overnight, only to discover someone had smashed the glass box and the control panel.

Sharon Parker-Byrne is chairperson of the New Oak Residents and Community Centre.

She’s told KCLR News they’re extremely disappointed and angered that this has happened:

“There’s a lot of work that went into fundraising to get that out there. It’s a life-saving piece of equipment.

“The delay between having it now and when it’s repaired, could cost a life, if it was needed. And that’s what our anger is about.

“People have been so kind. We’re going to be doing raffles. Sam McCauley’s have offered us hampers, there’s a couple of businesses and individuals have made a donation.”

GardaĆ­ have been notified of the damage.