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Deputy Mayor’s chain in Kilkenny reported missing

The ceremonial chain for Kilkenny’s Deputy Mayor is missing.

Councillor John Coonan was appointed to the position in recent weeks but Joe Malone who was in the role before him says he cannot find the chain since attending an event last November.

He told KCLR Live earlier he did report it to the local authority when he discovered it had been misplaced.

And he says he will pay to replace it if that is what’s required:

“Look, I don’t think it was stolen. Just misplaced somewhere.

“To be fair, I’ve agreed that we need a new one and there’s one going to be got very soon, I believe.

“I’ve agreed to pay for it if that’s what I have to do. It is insured – I know it’s insured – and it was got by Paul Cuddihy a number of years ago when he was mayor. And I have agreed that I would pay for it with no cost to the council.

“I take full responsibility for it.”

You can listen back to the full interview with Councillor Malone on this morning’s KCLR Live below: