Shattered Bonds

‘Shattered Bonds’ is a three part series made by Gillian Grattan for Evil Little Genius Productions. ‘Shattered Bonds’ features interviews with three women who talk about their experiences of finding themselves pregnant and with no support and no other choice but to give their child up for adoption.

  • Episode 1 – Ann Murtagh

    Gillian Grattan speaks with Ann Murtagh from Kilkenny

  • Episode 2 – Christine Breen

    Christine Breen talks to Gillian Grattan about her pregnancy and the circumstances in which she found herself when giving her son up for adoption

  • Episode 3 – Terri Brosnan Foster

    In this program we hear Terri Brosnan Foster talk about her experiences being pregnant and not having the supports around her to keep her baby. She gave her daughter up for adoption and Terri goes on to talk about meeting her as an adult. https://sound …