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€18,000+ raised by Kilkenny Lions Christmas Appeal Auction with KCLR & Kilkenny People newspaper

It's exceeded all expectations

More than €18,000’s been raised by the Kilkenny Lions Club’s Christmas Appeal Auction.

It’s been running on KCLR since last Thursday with lots listed in the Kilkenny People newspaper in recent weeks.

Proceeds will go to those in need locally with a surplus to be divided between a number of community organisations in the Spring.

Auction administrator Eddie Holohan’s been telling KCLR News “We started off with tremendous support from our suppliers and they were excellent and then that was capitalised on with the support from the people who’ve been bidding on our items for the last four days both in the general and farm auction”

He adds “We exceeded even our most optimistic targets, we’re in a position to be as generous as previous years with the organisations that we support and the various people who are in need which stretches to about 650 and 700 units around the city and the county”.

Added to this the Lions also have a gofundme page – to support click here