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€650,000 for IT Carlow will help with important research

The facility's Vice President says there's a lot of work going on that could have a major impact on all of our lives

Important research will be finished at IT Carlow after a massive funding grant.

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris is giving almost €650,000 to the local institute.

There’s research being carried out in areas like engineering and environmental and life sciences.

Vice president Declan Doyle says this will allow the college to support all their research teams with about 200 PhD students “So what we’re getting from the Department is roughly a half year’s funding for the grants & the consumables that they have so the students that we have currently who have been impacted we will be putting a process in place whereby their supervisors can apply for the funding and we would anticipate there won’t be anyone disadvantaged, that’s certainly what we’re working towards”.

He adds that there’s research going on at the local IT that could have a major impact on all our lives noting “We would have a number of student projects ongoing in the whole area of environmental science, the use of different types of plastic, the move towards bioplastic rather than plastics based on fossil fuels, we have work ongoing on insects, on bees and the fall in the bee population and how that’s impacting on pollination & the growth of fruit, vegetables, our food supply chain”.

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