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Eire Og volunteers set for 100km Carlow Cycle fundraiser

Its in aid of local man Martin Dunphy who had a bad fall earlier this year

The bid to financially support the homecoming of an injured local man continues this weekend.

Eire Og members have organised a 100km Carlow Cycle which takes place from 9am today (Sunday, 18th October).

It’s in aid of Martin Dunphy who has ties to the GAA Club as Paul McElligott outlines “Martin is the father of a team mate of ours in Eire Og, Ross Dunphy, his sister Hannah & brother David are also members of the club and unfortunately Martin took a bad fall during the summer, he’ll be in need of ongoing care and at the moment he’s undergoing a recovery programme in spinal care, the priority for the family is to get him home, we want to do our bit and play our part just to help support the family &to get Martin back to the family in the home house”.

Paul explains why they chose to take to their bikes noting “The reason we’ve gone with a cycle is mainly due to the restrictions at the moment so, as you know, we can’t leave the county and outdoor gatherings, non contact or limited to 15 people so I’ve been fortunate to get 15 volunteers from the club who are happy to do the cycle and we’re going to stay within the county and do 100 kilometres and try and hit as many towns around the county as possible”.

Already the event’s target of €5,000 been exceeded but more monies are needed & Paul sums up how you can best support saying “At the moment, the ways things are unfortunately we can’t invite people to join us on the cycle, so unfortunately the way things are all that people can do is donate & support the cause, help raise awareness for Martin, hopefully then in the long run, maybe come spring or early 2021, we can organise something more inclusive for more people to get involved, we do have a GoGundMe page set up, just search for 100km Martin Dunphy cycle, you should find it there and it’ll link to donate online”.

For more information & to donate click here