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Fitness on KCLR Breakfast (Thursday, 19 November 2020)

Exercise for children, daily routine and how do you know when you're doing enough?

Fitness fun was again to the fore on KCLR Breakfast.

There are suggested durations for exercise routines for adults and children, but how much should be enough and what types of activities are most beneficial?  And how do you judge if your workout is challenging you enough?

Ger O’Toole’s a fitness instructor at the Ormonde Leisure Club at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel. He joins our John Walsh every second Thursday to provide tips and answer questions.

To get your query in you can email [email protected] or text/WhatsApp to 083 306 96 96 during show hours (7-10am weekdays).

He also touched on the level 5 restrictions and how it’s impacting his workspace.

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