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Grab your coat as cooler weather’s coming for Carlow and Kilkenny

You could be feeling the chill from tonight (Sunday)

We’re facing into a big change in the weather this week.

There’s rain on the way this afternoon and winds are due to pick up but it’s expected to stay quite warm.

But Alan O’Reilly of Carlow Weather says we are “Gonna have a sudden drop in temperatures, pretty sudden on Sunday night into Monday, going to be back down to 15 degrees, maybe touching 16 degrees on Monday, now Monday’s going to be nice, so there’s going to be a good bit of sunny spells and it’s going to be largely dry, a little bit breezy on Monday, but Tuesday’s really going to be a coat day, so it’s going to be wet on Tuesday and it’s going to be cool, it’s going to be 13/14 degrees which is going to feel like a bit of a shock to be honest with you”.

He adds “It’s been exceptionally mild, actually the average temperature for many stations including Carlow has been as high for the first 22 days of September as it was for the whole month of August so we’re as warm as August actually and many people enjoying getting the legs out and wearing the shorts for the last couple of weeks which is out unusual for September so it has been well above normal”.