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HSE to release mobile app to assist with contact tracing in Covid-19 cases

The app is expected to be released in the next fortnight.

The HSE is planning to release an app to help facilitate contact tracing.

It will notify people who have been in contact with a confirmed case.

This will be rolled out in the next ten days.

Via the Sunday Business Post, “Members of the public will be asked to opt into a mobile phone tracking and tracing app in a bid to fight the spread of Covid-19.”

Communications Director at the HSE, Paul Connors, says there are a few more issues to be ironed out first.

“We’re still working very closely with a number of agencies, to help us get through some peculiarities – such as GDPR – we’re working closely with the data protection commissioner on that.”

Similar apps exist in South Korea and Singapore that have aided in tracking and controlling the spread of the virus.

While unconfirmed, the app could potentially be used to trigger location-based alerts on whether nearby users are or have been carriers, as well as analyse certain data provided by the user including location and current well-being.