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If you’ve something to say on the N24 plans through South Kilkenny then please do so is the call from local councillor Pat Dunphy

It continues until the 20th of May

You’re being urged to have your say on the plans for the N24 through South Kilkenny.

A second public consultation process has opened on the Waterford to Cahir route and continues until May 20th. (More here).

The project team’s seeking feedback on the alternatives and options and local councillor Pat Dunphy says that there has been a lot of interest from the public in the consultation process so far, as many decisions still have to be made.

He’s told KCLR News “There’s two or three options in some areas and one or two in others but the current route is actually one of the options again and whether or not it’ll go with that at the end of the day, making tweaks here and there, we’re not sure, but a lot of people are interested going by the turn out I saw in Mooncoin the other day and I think we need to follow up that now with comments on it”.

He adds “Consultants showed people where the options were at this stage and even apart from options looking at alternatives on the current road, however means of transport, it’s a fully inclusive transport type of consultation and at the end you don’t know what the result is going at the end of the day yet but this is an opportunity for people to make their case, people who might be affected”.