IT Carlow Governing Body unanimous in disappointment over Minister comments regarding South East Technological University

The Governing body of IT Carlow is unanimous in expressing its disappointment regarding recent comments made by the Minister on the future Governance of the South East university.

Its after Simon Harris announced that he would not provide funding for the headquarters of the new University to be anywhere else but Waterford.

Speaking to KCLR Live on Thursday the Minister said it is logical and he was only being honest.

In a letter to all staff at the Institute, seen by KCLR, the IT Carlow Governing body says “it recognises and acknowledges the damage to the morale of their 10,500 students, 900 staff and other stakeholders of the institute”.

It goes on to say that traditional or dated concepts of centralisation of activities in a single physical location will not meet its key imperative of developing all campuses in tandem to support learners and other stakeholders across the region.

To that end it says it is undertaking to write to the Minister and senior Government members to advise of its concerns.

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