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It’s an “historic day” for IT Carlow as plans for Technological University are formally approved

The college's governing body met this afternoon to rubber stamp plans for their merger with Waterford IT

It’s being described as “an historic day” for IT Carlow, as their governing body’s formally approved of plans for the Technological University of the South East.

The board met this afternoon to rubber stamp their proposed merger with Waterford IT.

An application to set up the University’s now be submitted tomorrow to the Minister for Higher Education, Simon Harris.

Declan Doyle, the Vice President for Development and Research at IT Carlow, shared the major update with KCLR News;

“Literally within the last hour the governing body has approved to submit the application, hopefully tomorrow, for the establishment of the TUSE to the Minister. So it’s an historic day for us”

Waterford IT’s own governing body also gave TUSE plans the green light this week, but it came despite ongoing opposition from lecturers there.

The Teachers Union of Ireland rejected a revised Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutes after 56% of Waterford staff voted against it in a ballot last week.

Carlow members, meanwhile, voted 90% in favour.

Vice President Doyle says issues like this were to be expected, but is confident they can be worked through;

“Today’s a really positive day, but there will be speed bumps along the way between now and the establishment of the university” he explained. “I’m sure with the good will of the parties involved we can overcome any of the difficulties we’ll face between now and the establishment of this university that the region has long wanted.”