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Kildare actor tops tweet topics for 2020

Paul Mescal's "I'm Irish" was in response to claims by some UK based media that he was British

Twitter has released a list of the most popular topics and people from a range of categories this year.

Covid19 dominated conversations for most of 2020, but it was a Kildare actor who managed to secure the most liked tweet of 2020.

‘I’m Irish’ were the words Paul Mescal, who has family in Kilkenny, tweeted back in July, that was after he was nominated for an Emmy award.

The Normal People star was mistakenly labeled as an British man by some outlets across the water, he made sure to clear that one up.

The series itself was the fifth most talked-about entertainment story on the site, a category that was topped by none other than Love Island.

Politics lovers also had their fair share of tweets this year, the General Election here along with the US Presidential Election makes the list of most talked about topics.

A tweet from Vice President Elect Kamala Harris was one of our favourites too in which she voiced
“We did it, we did it Joe, you’re going to be the next President of the United States”.

Finally Kobe Bryant was the most mentioned sports star on Twitter worldwide this year, after the Basketball legend died suddenly in a helicopter crash back in January.