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Kilkenny IFA Chairman Jim Mulhall says “know where your dog is” after attacks on farm animals in Callan

Four calves were killed in the last week in attacks

Know where your dog is.

That’s the message from the IFA Kilkenny county chairman after four calves were killed last week.

It happened in the Callan area last Monday with a number left with bites and more traumatised.

Jim Mulhall on KCLR Live earlier says there’s an impact too on the humans and animals involved.

“Panic is the word, it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances and even the emotional turmoil of the people who own the cattle,” said Jim.

“I spoke to the man and himself and his family, they had a tough few days, because it’s not even the financial loss”.

“A couple of people I spoke to in the past few weeks, they had dog attacks with sheep and they said they lie awake at night, wondering are your sheep ok, and it’s not the financial, it’s just, your duty of care is to look after your animals,” he added.