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Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club react to diving tragedy in Tipperary

Two highly experienced divers lost their lives yesterday

The Kilkenny Sub Aqua team is reacting to the tragic deaths of two divers in Tipperary.

42-year-old Fergus Brophy and 34-year-old Philip Brophy from County Laois got into difficulty while diving in Portroe yesterday, Sunday.

They were both described as highly experienced divers.

Larry Allen is a diving officer with Kilkenny’s Search and Recovery Unit.

He says all of their members of the possible dangers of each dive;

“There are guidelines about checking equipment and pre-dive checks, and we have a briefing for each dive. A lot of planning goes into particular dives as well, in terms of where and when we dive. Weather and tides and all that sort of information is gathered beforehand” He toldĀ KCLR Live.

“The Kilkenny Sub Aqua Club send their condolences to the family. It’s a very sad occasion” Larry shared.