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Kilkenny venue targetted by young vandals

Safety concerns mean that Ballykeeffe Ampitheatre's been forced to shut out families who used the area as a picnic spot

A popular Kilkenny spot has been forced to close to the public due to the “harmful actions of a few”.

Ballykeeffe Ampitheatre is now totally fenced off, after being targetted recently by teenage vandals.

The youths used hurls to carry out significant damage to the Kilmanagh venue’s canopy and stage.

Owners fear that the culprits could do harm not only to the premises, but also to themselves if they were to easily fall off the canopy.

The area’s been closed off as a result, but Ballykeeffe’s Padraic Flaherty says it’s an awful shame that the space can no longer be used by families in the community.

“We’ve put up fencing around the area, which means now nobody can access the canopy area or the seating area” he shared with KCLR News. “I know over the last few weeks families have had small picnics with their children. Rock climbers have been able to leave their gear under the canopy and go about their pursuits. But the actions of a few have meant that we need to take precautions.”